The 10 Elements of Resilient Wellbeing

Thrive Through Connection and Health

These ten elements are the platform of the Resilient Wellbeing Coaching experience. Move from Surviving to Thriving by developing resilience skills with the guidance of your highly qualified resilience coach, Barb Schnichels, MSSW, ACSW, LICSW.

  1. Neuroscience & Change: Brain research confirms that with training we create sustainable changes that are visible in our brain structure, noticeable in our daily perceptions, and increase our longevity.
  2. Awareness: Attention and interpretation training lead to more joy and happiness by activating the cortical center and quieting the restless reactive mind of the limbic center. Tuning into your mind-body connection gives you important cues for wellbeing. Being centered to be more self-aware and aware of others and our environment.
  3. Mindfulness: Being present in the current moment is critical to seizing all opportunities for positive experiences occurring now instead of anticipating the future or reflecting on the past. Engage more fully in your life, carpe diem.
  4. Meaning/Purpose: Life is not without suffering, however where we focus our attention and what we interpret can either reduce or increase our suffering. Finding and embracing deeper meaning often requires us to forgive, accept, let go, and open our hearts and minds to new beginnings which is not so easy to do.
  5. Compassion: Compassion and kindness for self and others is the common intersecting belief of what is good between all nations and religions. This global sense of connection, acceptance, and empathy bridges across diversity and leads to peace. A call to action to intentionally decrease suffering for yourself, others and worldwide brings healing and sustains life.
  6. Forgiveness: Forgiveness does not deny, justify, or forget the wrongdoing; it is a choice that frees you from the negativity and stress of holding on to anger or resentment. It frees up energy, improves health, decreases suffering, and is an action of wisdom and responsibility.
  7. Gratitude: Thankfulness and appreciation unlocks the fullness of life, especially when we are grateful not for what someone does, but for who they are. An expression of humility that notices and acknowledges goodness. In other words, “I see the good in you and am thankful.”
  8. Energy: Your presence and intention often speaks louder than your words to those who pay attention. The interpersonal resonance between people can be known without a word being heard. Being in the healthy energy flow of life can create, heal, and make big things happen. Negative energy can drain the life out of the strongest people or get them stuck or overwhelmed. In optimal energy we see, understand, trust, connect, achieve, care, and speak in harmony.
  9. Love: The focus on “we”. This supreme emotion remains life-giving, soul-stretching state that your body craves. The biology of your brain, oxytocin, and the vagus nerve have important roles in love. It is a universal emotion that accepts, connects, has biochemical synchrony and is necessary to sustain life.
  10. Healthy Habits: Love and connection are the most critical components of health. Routines to maintain good sleep, nutrition, exercise, fun, balance, and stress management promote health and wellbeing.

Partner with Barb to choose which of these ten elements will help you strengthen your resolve to meet life’s challenges with more ease and reduce stress while promoting how to live with more joy, peace, and resilience.

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